Wooden House Exporters Claim European Success
07. January 2013

Estonia is Europe's fourth-largest exporter of wooden houses, an industry representative has told a major daily.

Speaking to Eesti Päevaleht, Estonian Woodhouse Association head Argo Saul said that up to 90 percent of the nation's output is going to the export market, which keeps the local competition to a minimum and allows manufacturers to aim for growth.

“When taking piecework or tons into account, we could be second to Finland,” said Saul, adding that low worker salaries were the key to success on this field.

The vast majority of Estonian-produced wooden houses end up in Norway, which accounts for up to four-fifths of the output at some companies. 

While banks are forecasting a three percent rise in the nation's GDP this year, wooden house manufacturers are expecting their business to grow by 10 percent, Saul said.

Their optimism is supported by last year's speedy growth of three wooden house manufacturers - Matek, Estnor and Timbeco - the last of which expanded its warehouse space by five times to meet demand in 2012. Saul's own company, Nordic Houses, is expecting a 20 percent growth in business this year, he said.

Source: http://www.news.err.ee/economy/584fce14-9afb-4998-94b3-68f8fc087c57