The wooden houses manufactures accompanied Estonian President Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves at the state visit to Norway
16. September 2014

In the beginning of September Estonian President, Mr. Toomas  Hendrik Ilves visited Norway at the invitation of His Majesty King Harald. 

The official delegation that accompanied President Ilves included also several ministers and businessmen, among of them the head of the board of the Estonian Woodhouse Association (EWA), the CEO of Matek AS, Mr. Sven Mats and the member of the board of the EWA, the CEO of the Nordic Houses OÜ, Mr. Argo Saul.

 An Estonian-Norweigian Business Seminar followed by a roundtable of key stakeholders was held during the state visit. At Green Building: Building from Wood Roundtable, the future of wooden houses manufacturing and the successful cooperation of the two countries was in focus. The chairman of the board of the EWA, Mr. Sven Mats, delivered a presentation on the Estonian wooden houses manufacturing sector.

„In wooden houses sector, the cooperation between the two countries has been remarkable already for years,“ said Mats. „Estonians are the biggest exporters of wooden houses in Europe, the total export sales worth 212 million euros in 2013. The export to Norway increased from 29.8% in 2011 to 39.3% in 2013, the volume of the sales reaching 79.9 million per year.“

 "Progress and development are the key words today," said Mr. Argo Saul, the moderator of the roundtable, „two countries have what to offer to each other,“ said Saul. "Our house manufactures have quality product  and long-term export experience. Norweigians, on the other hand, appreciate these values and the concept on green building in general. This allws us to continue fruitful collaboration also in the future."

Based on the feedback, the roundtable was considered a success by all participants.

 Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship Anne Sulling delivered a welcome speech. Foto: Argo Saul