The cooperation of Seve Ehituse AS and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences has been a success
12. September 2013

Four third-year students of Tallinn University of Technology Engineering Faculty - Kaie Tobreluts, Marten Merila, Margus Krasnov and Auno Saare, who started their practice this spring in Seve Ehituse AS team, have been graded "excellent", and after graduation have their job insured in Seve team.

Seve team would like to thank the students for their contribution to the development of the enterprise. The management hopes that the trainees will have a successful final university year, and that their fruitful cooperation will continue. The construction company also wants to thank TUAS’ lecturer Mr. Enn Tammaru, under whose leadership the cooperation began and who in many ways has supported and advised the project.

"Overall, we can say that the collaboration between the two organisations fully justified itself. We got the confirmation that the area of ​​competent personnel should begin to grow and link to our business from the very initial stage, i.e. during the student-years.  This kind of collaboration results with professional engineers, project- and site managers, who are completing their higher education not only with theoretical knowledge base but who are able to be equal partners in their actual work experience,“ said Vello Enniste, head of Seve Ehituse AS.