The best promoters of entrepreneurship are Superheroes and Estonian Woodhouse Association
08. May 2018

“European Enterprise Promotion Awards” Estonian qualification “Appreciate the Promoters of Entrepreneurship 2018” were won by leadership program aimed for young girls called Superheroes and Estonian Woodhouse Association who encourages Estonian wooden houses sector to export.

Competition for promoting entrepreneurship is meant to appreciate successful activities and initiatives that improve the support system of entrepreneurship. Activities that inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to develop.

According to Chairman of the jury, Viljar Lubi (Vice Chancellor of Economic Development), it was very difficult to make a decision with so many important and influential, yet at the same time different, initiatives. There were nine projects that participated in the contest. “The jury’s decision was finally based on who was the most influential and original,” said Lubi. “In case of Superheroes, I would bring out activities that are methodical and have a lot of variety in teaching about entrepreneurship. Woodhouse Association has made an enormous contribution with their activities and risen Estonia to be the leading exporter of wooden houses in Europe.”

Participants and the jury. Photo: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Superheroes is an English language based entrepreneurship and leadership program for girls in the age of 13-17 who want to be bolder, more confident and independent in order to make their dreams come true and change the world. The program brings together motivational speakers, trainers and mentors with an intention to during eight to ten workshops provide the youth with new inspiring role models, knowledge and skills to be confident, entrepreneurial, independent, open and able to implement what they have learned as a team within the project. 

Creator and leader of Superheroes program Eva K. Ponomarjov said that winning the competition is a united victory of all powerful role models and 100 entrepreneurial girls who have participated in Superheroes program. “This is our present to Estonia, a 100 new role models and Estonian promoters. I would like to specially thank Ursula Roosmaa, leader of British Council in Estonia and a priceless contributor to Superheroes program. We are ready to go to Europe,” said Ponomarjov.

Estonian Woodhouse Association, who shared the winning title, was awarded for a project with what the Association wishes to develop wooden houses sector into the strongest exporting network in Europe in their line of business. Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster has systematically dealt with mapping information of destination markets and with activities supporting entering to new markets, also organizing of competent seminars, as well as joint activities that promote products of their companies. The result of this initiative is becoming Europe’s number one wooden houses exporter and the sector as a whole is running on a high level due to sectors’ companies co-operation and networking.

The leader of Estonian Woodhouse Association Lauri Kivil said that he would share the appreciation between all the companies that created the Wooden Houses Cluster, who managed to see the sector’s strength in co-operation, not in competition. “Based on that we can today see the good reputation of wooden houses sector, export success stories and a very tight co-operation network. This is an appreciation to the entire cluster’s program that has helped to develop many Estonian entrepreneurship sectors,” noted Kivil.

The competition “Appreciate the Promoters of Entrepreneurship” took place for the 12th time. Ettevõtlusküla, Gamefounders, e-majandusaasta aruanne (e-annual report) and many other entrepreneurship-oriented initiatives have been successful in Europe in earlier years.

The jury of “European Enterprise Promotion Awards” Estonian qualification included Viljar Lubi (Vice Chancellor of Economic Development at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), Mait Palts (General Manager of Estonian Chamber of Commerce), Tiit Elenurm (Professor at Estonian Business School), Alo Ivask (Chairman of the Board of
Enterprise Estonia), Kaia Sarnet (Vice-Chancellor of Ministry of Finance regional affairs) and Evelyn Sepp (Estonian Service Industry Association).

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications