Seminar on „How to automate wooden houses produced in Estonia?“
06. December 2013

On 3rd of December the seminar on the topic of „How to automate wooden houses produced in Estonia?“ took place in Meriton Grand Conference&Spa hotel. The seminar was organized by Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster and Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre. 

The seminar focused on the possibilities of adding value to wooden houses through smart house solutions. The participants representing producers of wooden houses, automatics- and electricity companies and educational institutions asserted the need for cooperation due to an increasing demand for smart and energy-efficient buildings. It is also reasonable to share the costs of product development and to commonly design the sales process.

Through the experiences of the participants there were questions raised that will need solving, i.e. the guarantee in foreign markets, the standardization and of smart houses and product packeting, also a need for a demo-environment was denoted.  

Different automation solutions were introduced by IT Villa, Siemens, Yogasystems and Võrguvara.

The participants agreed on the importance of developing cooperation between two domains.

The seminar was supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of "Estonian Wooden Houses Exporters Cluster Project".