Pre-fabricated House of the Year 2013 is smart house by Akso-Haus and Passion House
15. November 2013

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster announced fourth Annual Contest Pre-Fab House of the Year winner - Akso-Haus’ and Passion House’s residential smart design house project.

Design of this model is part of larger concept and is intended to match with larger houses in same series. The whole model range at the moment is about 10 different layouts and sizes, starting from 40m2 sauna and ending with 500m2 villa. Houses are equipped with high standard ventilation systems, full automation and management systems, they are designed to utilize solar heating during spring and autumn, have shelter from sun during summer months, thus not requiring a cooling system (

The house was built in 2013. in cooperation with Passion House. The authors are: architect Eero Endjärv /Arhitekt11, designer Hannelore Kääramees and engineer Otto Pukk. 

Smart house Passion M1

2nd placeSeve Ehituse AS kindergarten in Norway, with total area of 1195,3m2 and approximately 70 rooms in the building. Main construction is wooden frame elements with insulation thickness of 300 mm for outside and 100-150 mm for inside walls. 

3rd place – Nordic Houses KT OÜ residential housing in Norway with total area of 304m2, has 4 apartments with identic planning and size (76m2). 

Two projects were nominated to best handcrafed and machined log houses:

Ritsu AS residential machined log house with total area of 136,7m2 ,produced from laminated northern spruce - the outer walls are made from 180 mm square logs with additional wood fibre insulation and inner walls made from 114 mm squared logs.

And Vipson Projekt OÜ’s handcrafted two-storey log house with total area of 278m2. Bearing walls are made of 230 mm full logs. Natural logs have sawn sides, hand-cut grooves and Norwegian mortise and tenon joints.

The catalogue with all projects of the competition can be viewed here.