One of the biggest pre-fab house factories in the Nordic countries was opened by the President 
13. December 2017

A new pre-fab house factory was opened in Kumna village near Keila by the President of Estonia. According to Estonian capital based company Harmet, their new factory is one of the biggest and most automatic in the region.

The size of Harmet´s modern factory is 23 000 m2, in other words, 6 football fields. During the evening a brand new two-storey modular house was built.  

«Firstly because 26 years of new independence has risen minimum wages and average wages in Estonia tens of times. This all has been made possible by those of you who have dared to be bold enough to take those risks,“ said Kaljulaid.

Secondly, the President said that she was very happy to attend the opening as she is very fond of factories and big machines. „I really feel that engineer´s ideas start to make sense exactly right here,“ added the President.

Kaljulaid says that Harmet meets exactly those needs and expectations that people could have for a company. „We know that technology changes very fast in today´s world but all those changes have to be waited upon with a spark in the eyes, just like you have been waiting for this factory to open.“

The President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid opened a new pre-fab house factory in Kumna. Photo by Mihkel Maripuu

„I am happy that the Kumna factory helps to create new jobs and at the same time offers a very modern working environment to our already more than 600 employees. Additionally, Harmet´s new and biggest factory helps to increase the production efficiency and through that become an even more preferred partner to our demanding Scandinavian customers,“ said Toomas Kalev, Harmet OÜ´s Chairman of the Board and one of the owners.

Harmet OÜ built a modular house at the ceremony with top speed. Photo by Mihkel Maripuu

Harmet OÜ started producing elements in 1997 and is a fast-growing local enterprise today. 90% of their production goes to export markets. Estonia is Europe´s biggest exporter of wooden houses. Harmet´s last year´s turnover was 61,9 million euros and net profit 5 million euros according to e-credit info.  Both turnover and profit increased by a quarter compared to the previous year. 

The company´s owners are Ivar Valdmaa, Toomas Linamäe and Toomas Kalev.

Source: Delfi Ärileht and Majandus24, Postimees