Mihkel Urmet was awarded the title of the person of the year by the Estonian Woodhouse Association
14. June 2015

The Estonian Woodhouse Association has an annual tradition to recognise a person, who has contributed the most to the joint ventures of the association. This year, the title was unanimously awarded to Mihkel Urmet.

Urmet did not hide his surprise at the awarding ceremony: “I was astounded already at the time the manufacturers of wooden houses invited us, architects, to become a part of their bunch and at this point, I was very surprised, of course. I could not even expect such
warmth and acceptance.”

Mihkel Urmet, who is the CEO of architecture office TEMPT, belongs to the management board of the Estonian Woodhouse Association and specifically while being active in the board, Mihkel has shown initiative by resolving several bottlenecks of the sector. Mihkel has helped to develop copyright protection documents necessary for the manufacturers of wooden houses and he also represents the Estonian Woodhouse Association in the working group of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, which aims to provide an input by the manufacturers of wooden houses in the fire safety regulation that applies to buildings.

As an architect, Urmet keeps an eye on the architectural side of the factory buildings and ensures that house manufacturers are well-trained by developing and managing a training program in the field of architecture of the Estonian Woodhouse Association and the Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster. Last year, Urmet initiated the mapping of the workforce of architects and designers active in the sector. Mihkel’s last major initiative is the carbon label of wooden houses, which provides the Estonian wooden house manufacturers with a market advantage in the world, increases the sales figures of wooden houses, and improves overall attitude towards wood.

In order to help the manufacturers of wooden houses to shake off the routine, Mihkel has entertained the membership of the cluster with examples of various outstanding and unusual wooden buildings. Mihkel’s message is that the architecture of wooden buildings does not have to be boring. Also, a wooden house called TreePod, which has been designed in architecture office TEMPT managed by Mihkel, is an exceptional and vigilant approach to the modular house construction.

In autumn, Mihkel plans to invite a Japanese mentor to Estonia, who will provide Estonians with a chance to look at the wood in a completely different way. “Since I was re-elected to the board oft he Estonian Woodhouse Association, then I will do my best,” Urmet promises. “I will work to bring together architects and the manufacturers of wooden houses –
only collaboration enables us to reach a sufficiently strong product that could be proudly called the brand of the Estonian Woodhouse Association. I believe in wood.”

Mihkel Urmet, the person of the year of the Estonian Woodhouse Association