Harmet OÜ is building a new modular houses production unit
30. November 2016

Nordecon and Nordecon Betoon signed a contract with ITT Capital OÜ to build a prefabricated timberframe modular buildings production unit for Harmet OÜ in Kumna village, Harku county.
The contract’ s value is 9 million euros, VAT will be added, confirmed the parties via a PR agency. In addition to the building cost Harmet OÜ will invest another 5 million euros to start the work in the unit.

„We have built modular houses for more than 15 years and the quality of our work has been appreciated in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and in Scandinavian countries,” said Toomas Kalev, Chairman of the Board of Harmet.

„Order volumes have increased, existing production spaces are tight and do not respond to modern requirements. If we want to be effective, guarantee the best quality, offer the clients a competitive price and improve working conditions of our employees, the investment is inevitable,” added Kalev.

„Harmet is one of Estonia’ s leading producers of modular houses and temporary on-site facilities ( Conteinerized Housing Units – CHU-s ) for rental companies and we are happy to contribute into their development,” said Jaano Vink, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon. „As there are almost no production buildings built in Estonia currently, the Harmet project is the only such big project of a kind for Nordecon at the moment. We started works in August and will deliver the ready building for the client in less than a year – July 2017,” added Vink.

The production unit with a size of 26 845 m² is made up of a one storey production space, one storey warehouse space and a three storey office and utility rooms block.
In addition to the production building, also necessary access roads and parking lots with utility networks will be created.

Harmet OÜ production unit will be built in Kumna village, Harku county, at Puussepa tee 4.

Prefabricated timberframe modular buildings made by Harmet OÜ:
Photo by Maris Tomba