Estonian Woodhouse Association has a new Board since April
30. April 2019

Estonian Woodhouse Association elected a new Board for the next two years at an annual general meeting.

Kaarel Väer, who will continue as a Chairman of the Board, confirms that as an umbrella organization, Woodhouse Association, has many challenges in developing the sector. „We work every day to make sure that the image of Estonian woodhouse producers would be good at destination markets – common communication, openness and orientation to co-operation has risen us to among the strongest woodhouse producers in Europe but we still have a lot to do,” says Väer. Considering the limited volume of home market, it is important to concentrate on export also in future. „It is complicated to represent all companies and destination markets but as a professional union every member matters and when making our activity plans and projects we bear that in mind.“ Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications acknowledged Estonian Woodhouse Association as the best developer of entrepreneurship in 2018 – that is definitely a sign that we have had significant successes in our work, adds Väer.

Vice Chairman of the Board, Martin Talts (KMT Prefab OÜ) brings out as the main developmental obstacle in the sector, lack of engineers who are competent in timber engineering. As the sector is growing and developing in stable manner, it requires constant addition in qualified workforce. “As a production company it is always possile for us to outsource processes. Yet it is clear that in order to avoid costly mistakes, have complete control over production process and increase additional value, the engineering-technical competence has to be led from inside the house. But it is not possible to do it if there simply are not any specialists available at workforce market.“ It is definitely an area that the sector, Woodhouse Association and the board have to actively deal with, says Talts.

New members of the Board also include Siim Leisalu (Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ, board member) and Tarmo Tamm (Peetri Puit OÜ, board member).

EWA members. Photo: EWA

According to Leisalu it is also important for the sector to work on digitalization. “Woodhouse producers who work with big main contractors lack BIM-competence today,” says Leisalu. It is definitely not as imprtant for all producers in terms of surviving but in huge volume projects it is significantly important for those companies that produce modular houses and facade solutions.

Tarmo Tamme, Peetri Puit OÜ board member, says that it is also important to increase use of timber in local construction. Forest is Estonia’s only natural resource that re-grows within reasonable time frame and if it is used wisely, the entire country benefits. “When building from wood we bind CO2 into buildings, or in other words we take this CO2  out of circulation”. Until CO2 is one of the indicators of environmentally friendly behavior, it is difficult here, if not even impossible, to find an alternative to wood, adds Tamm.  

Woodhouse Association board members 2019-2021: 

  • Kaarel Väer (Saare Erek AS) – Chairman of the Board
  • Martin Talts (KMT Prefab OÜ) – Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Renee Mikomägi (EstNor OÜ)
  • Ragner Lõbu (Hobbiton OÜ)
  • Siim Leisalu (Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ)
  • Tarmo Tamm (Peetri Puit OÜ)

Estonian Woodhouse Association’s board can have 5-7 members according to articles of association and it is elected for 2 years.

Great thank you to the previous board for their contribution to the sector’s development!