Estonian foreign trade of wood-based products from January to August 2013
25. October 2013

Exports of wood-based products is nearly four times higher than imports and both show growth trends compared to eight months of the year 2012. According to Statistics Estonia the exports of wood-based products in first eight months of 2013 amounted to 1073 million euros, which is 11 % more than in the same period of 2012.

Wood-based products are imported nearly four times less than exported – volume of import has increased by 9.6%, totalling 277 million euros. The foreign trade balance surplus of wooden products increased by +798 million euros.

Wood-based products are the main stabilizers of Estonian trade balance.  Compared to same period in previous year the positive balance of first eight months increased from 714 to 798 million euros. The total foreign trade balance is still negative with a deficit of 37.4 million euros. Compared to first seven months the deficit decreased by 60.9 million EUR.

The exports’ structure of Estonian wood-based products is dominated by value added products. The largest share of export is held by sawn and planed timber (with 18.8 %), followed by wood furniture and details (15.2 %), wooden prefabricated buildings (14,6%) and construction components (14.2 %). Prefabricated houses were mainly exported to Norway, Germany and Great Britain.

Exports of wooden prefabricated buildings

2012: 128.4 million EUR

2013: 140 million EUR

Change: +9.4 %