Economic indicators of Estonian wooden houses sector continued to grow in 2012
03. January 2014

The Estonian wooden houses producers’ sales volume increased in 2012, being mostly affected by export growth. 

Sales revenue of enterprises acting in wooden houses sector was 245, 8 million euros, increasing by one fifth compared to previous year. Nearly 80% of sales revenue was formed by export. The main export partners were Norway, with one third of the total production, Finland, Sweden and France. The wooden houses segment accounted for 21% of wood and wood products export commodity groups.

Timber industry is one of the largest branch of industry in Estonia. Nearly a thousand companies is engaged in wood processing and production, employing more than 14 000 people. In 2012 more than 150 enterprises acted in industrial production of wooden houses, involving over 2000 people. The sector produces handcrafted- and machine-manufactured log homes, timber-framed-, prefab-, modular and garden houses. Compared to the previous year in 2012 the sector accrued by over 20 new companies whose products are mainly targeted to local market.